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Hip Replacement


I have been performing Total Hip Replacement surgery in Guildford since 1996.


Below are X-rays of a patient before and after having had both right and left hips replaced


Their are several causes for pain in and around the Hip Joint.

The condition most commonly treated surgically by an Orthopaedic Surgeon is Arthritis of the Hip.

There is sometimes an identifiable cause for the arthritis but often not.

The end result is a joint that is stiff and painful.

In its early stages the disease may be managed with exercise and pain killers.

If however pain remains severe and causes significant restriction of normal activity then a Total  Hip Replacement operation may be advised.

Not everybody with an arthritic hip needs or wants surgery but it is the most reliable way of relieving pain associated with this debilitating problem.


There are many different makes of hip replacement available.

I have been using the MS-30 total hip replacement for twenty years.

This implant has an exceptionally good track record. It has an ODEP 13A* rating.

Further information on this implant is available at

In common with other Orthopaedic Surgeons all my Total Hip Replacements are registered on the National Joint Registry and a detailed summary of my outcomes can be found here.


An indepth review of Total Hip Replacement can be found in the “patient information” section of the British Hip Society,

Mr Paremain no longer performs hip replacement surgery privately but continues to offer this operation at the Royal surrey.

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