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Many of the patients that I see in Guildford are suffering from leg pain.

The causes of leg pain are numerous and it is often a challenge to identify a causal factor.

I would suggest that the three most common causes of leg pain are as follows.

1) Sciatica:

Sciatica is pain in the leg caused by irritation of one of the branches of the sciatic nerve.

Often it is caused by a slipped disc or a pinched nerve.

The leg pain can be quite disabling.

I refer you to the on disc herniation for an explanation of the treatments available for leg pain or sciatica in my Guildford clinic.

2) Hip Osteoarthritis:

Arthritis of the Hip will often cause pain in the groin and front of the leg.

It can cause pain in the buttock and thigh.

Occasionally it will be associated with pain throughout the leg and can be difficult to distinguish from sciatica.

3) Vascular claudication:

A blocked or partially blocked blood vessel can cause leg pain.

Usually symptoms occur with exercise and typically pain is mainly in the calf.

However, it can be difficult to distinguish from sciatica and indeed both problems can coexist.

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