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Low back pain treatment in Guildford

The treatment of low back pain in Guildford is provided by a multitude of practitioners. My patients often find it hard to decide who to see.

Low back pain is the single most common musculoskeletal condition to present to General Practitioners.

Over the years an industry has developed to serve the needs of those suffering from this complaint.

So who should you see if you develop low back pain in Guildford.

Because most episodes of low back pain are self limiting, that is, it often gets better without treatment, you should not rush to consult anybody !

Keep active and use some simple pain killers for at least a few days.

There will of course be a few exceptions, some people will be in so much pain that they need urgent help.

That help is available from a variety of sources. Some will consult with their GP, others will speak to a manipulative therapist and some will go to the accident and emergency department.

Those lucky enough to have private health insurance or sufficient funds can arrange to see a specialist in a private hospital very quickly.

But should you see a Surgeon, a rheumatologist, a pain management specialist or a neurologist ?

There is no correct answer to this but you should try to find someone with a lot of experience.

I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon with more than twenty years of experience in the treatment of low back pain in Guildford. If you are struggling with low back pain or sciatica I would be happy to see you either as an NHS patient, at the Royal Surrey, or at the Guildford Nuffield on a private basis.

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